Friday, April 11, 2014

TGI Friday

on our cruise somewhere between Galveston and paradise
I'm at work today for the first of four 12 hours shifts. I need to change my perspective because right now I am tired and grumpy, hiding in my office drinking coffee and eating dark chocolate in a vain attempt to brighten my mood!

I'm trusting I will make it through the next four days unscathed (relatively)

I'm grateful for my co-workers who, even though they call me "the shit magnet" do it out of love!

I'm inspired by all the social workers out there who doing their best to be the change in the world they want to see. We are in this together!

What If

What if…
What if I threw my scale out the window 

What if I focused solely on eating the food that doesn’t kill my stomach and gives me energy 

What if I just I just ran because I loved it, not worrying about time, distance or what others would think

What if I stopped saying, “I don’t run, I plod. I’m not a real runner.”  

What if I started saying, “I’m a real runner” 

What if I stopped being scared of going to work every day and remembered that there hasn’t been one thing in the past two years that has come up that I haven’t been able to handle

What if I openly shared the pictures I take and the things I write

What if I actually developed the idea I have for an on line class and put it out there

What if I loved myself as much as my dog loves me

Yes, WHAT IF!!