Friday, April 11, 2014

What If

What if…
What if I threw my scale out the window 

What if I focused solely on eating the food that doesn’t kill my stomach and gives me energy 

What if I just I just ran because I loved it, not worrying about time, distance or what others would think

What if I stopped saying, “I don’t run, I plod. I’m not a real runner.”  

What if I started saying, “I’m a real runner” 

What if I stopped being scared of going to work every day and remembered that there hasn’t been one thing in the past two years that has come up that I haven’t been able to handle

What if I openly shared the pictures I take and the things I write

What if I actually developed the idea I have for an on line class and put it out there

What if I loved myself as much as my dog loves me

Yes, WHAT IF!!

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