Friday, July 11, 2014

TGI Friday

I had the honor of having Brene Brown as one of my professors in grad school. This blog prompt is hers and I  love it!  

TGI Friday is back on the Blog! Trying to be more consistent about posting and I love this prompt on Fridays. I looked around for another and tried (in vain) to come up with another one, but I just love this one.

It has been a busy summer, I'm sad to say there hasn't been much down time for any of us and it doesn't look like that is going to change any time soon. It is a big summer for our family as we prepare to send off The Boy Child to a college nine hours away. I'm terrified but...

I'm trusting in the love, guidance and parenting he has received and that he will excel at Texas Tech. Wreck 'em Tech!!

I'm grateful for my yoga and ballet teachers who gently meet me where I am and encourage me to go just a little further every class!

I'm inspired by my fellow Instagram runners! We got this!

Please share your own TGI Friday!

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