Saturday, August 2, 2014

Photo Fun: Putting the Vacation back in Summer Vacation

I'm tired. It has been a crazy summer and except for three and a half glorious days in Vegas last month,  this summer vacation has been sorely lacking in the vacation department. The dilemma is I desperately want to grow my blog. I have a clear idea in my head of what I want to do, and I'm never going to do it by posting every other week.

For the past couple of years I have done Susannah Conway's August Break and during the month of August posted pics every day instead of a blog post. This year she is doing something different. Different is good, but I'm feeling pressured, which is so not the intention of the August Break, so I'm venturing out on my own.  I just want to document my day, sum it up if you will, in a photo

This first pic is Tiny Dancer and I at dance class. I'm the one in ballet slippers. We have been taking a ballet class and a barre class together this summer and I love sharing this with her. I think she has enjoyed it too. Love that kid so much it hurts. (I'm not even going to worry that my fifth needs some serious work! LOL)

Dancin' with my baby!
I'm challenging myself to post a pic a day through August! I will also try and come up with a cool sounding hashtag!

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