Friday, August 22, 2014

TGI Friday!

Welcome back! it has been a crazy couple of weeks. The biggest thing that has happened is that I drove my son 10 hours away and surrendered him to a small dorm at a huge college. It has got to be one of the hardest mommy things I have ever done! More on that later. 

My son as we were driving away. Notice the big smile! "See ya suckers!"
With summer at an end and reliable schedule on the horizon I am hoping to do what I have always said I was going to do and that is to make this a REAL (read: consistent) blog. I'll get there one of these days. More on that later too!

For today we are starting with the amazing Brene Brown's blog prompt TGI Friday!  Here we go!

Trusting Today I am trusting in my son. I don't give him nearly enough credit for being the amazing young man that he is. I nag, scold, and "get all up in his grill." I hope by now he realizes by now that this has everything to do with my feelings of inadequacies as a mother and nothing to do with him.

Grateful  I'm grateful for the opportunities I'm able to provide my son. I'm grateful we are able to send him to the college of his choice and that he doesn't take it for granted. He realizes he has a golden ticket and has promised not to squander it.

Inspired I'm inspired by all the moms who dropped their kids off at college and made it through that last hug goodbye putting on
a smile for our kids even as our hearts were asking, "how do I let go?" We can do this.

Are you a mom who dropped your child off at college? Or even kindergarten. How have you helped yourself through the letting go process. Any words of wisdom to share? And as always, please let me know what your TGI's for this Friday.

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