Monday, February 3, 2014

#1000 Miles... Getting BACK There

So, two and a half weeks ago I got a call from the school that Tiny Dancer was running a fever and I need t com an pick her up as soon as possible. My first thought was the flu. It has been a horrid flu season here. Every shift I work there is somebody admitted for the flu. Thankfully, it wasn't the flu. After three days of watching bad daytime TV and make mountains of rainbow loom bracelets, Tiny Dancer was on the mend and started screaming that she was bored and wanted a sleep over. I declare you HEALED in Jesus name, Amen.

That is when I started sniffling and hacking all over the place. Thanks TD for sharing your cold. "Sharing is caring" was her offhand reply. Unfortunately, I didn't have the luxury of lying around having Gatorade and ramen served to me on a silver platter. Being a grown-up I still had groceries to shop for, meals to cook. budding prima ballerinas to get to lessons. Not to mention 40 hours worth of shifts in the ED. FML.

I muddled through, in a haze of a perpetual cold medicine hangover (is there anything worse?) until yesterday when I was finally able to spend the day in my pajamas drinking tea and overdosing on Downton Abbey.

Of course during the epidemic of 2014, I was unable to work out and unable to get any more miles toward the challenge.  I plan to start off this week with my 30 kettlebell workout since it is too cold to venture outside for my run (did I mention that true winter has arrived in Houston?) I'm shooting for three kettlebell workouts a week, three runs a week, and three yoga workouts a week.  I'm not giving up.

Time to hoist that kettlebell and get more miles!

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