Friday, February 7, 2014

TGI Friday

Hello from wintry Houston.
Maddie says, "brrrrrrrr"
It has been in the 30s and 40s all week, which I know is not much to those still digging out in the Midwest and Northeast, but here in Houston that is Tundra weather! I'm loving it though. I may be strange but I'd much rather complain about the cold than the heat! 

On this cold Friday:

I'm Trusting in this positive flow of creative energy that has recently hit me. Just going to go with it. I'm Trusting it will bring about wonderful things.

I'm Grateful during this cold snap, for warm fireplaces, smore fixings and the fact the my kids have jackets (that they hate to wear) to keep them warm, when so many out there don't.

I'm Inspired by two of my fellow bloggers who I re-connected with this week! So nice to know I'm not alone!

Please share what you are trusting in, grateful for, and inspired by!

Have a good weekend and stay warm!


  1. For all the reductionist nature of modern media (reducing us to a string of User IDs and passwords), I am inspired by all the folk I have come to know thanks to the Internet who hold similar values, are bursting with curiosity, swim against the tide, celebrate the beauty of a simple things that are exquisitely crafted...

  2. I'm grateful for the snow! This is my first winter in Portland and the last two days have been lovely white wonderlands.

    I'm trusting that when the power goes it, it will come back on before all my food goes bad.

    I'm inspired by day to day routines, candle-lit evenings, and cups of warm coffee.